Same Day Payday Loan – Can I Get It?

Same-day loans online are becoming more and more popular these days, especially regarding the economic situation all over the world. What is a same-day payday loan? Which are the best same-day loans near me? Let’s try answering these and some other questions briefly but in details. 

A same-day payday loan might look as an attractive solution for a person experiencing a critical financial situation in general, or just having a sudden and unexpected need to get cash instantly. Still, you should be careful with high interest rates and all the additional excessive fees that sum up with them. Also, stay attentive: not every lender promising same day loans online actually keeps that promise. 

In case you’re trapped with a budget emergency, same-day payday loans are able to close your cash gap until you receive the next paycheck,

Still, the profits of short-term loans will likely make you pay. Triple-digit interest rates and excessive commissions added up to them are something providing even the best same day loans with a bad fame. If you try calculating the annual percentage rates (APRs) of such loans, you’ll see the fees are quite common to reach 400% per year. Usually, the lender is ready to transfer some small sum to your account (equal or less than 500 dollars) with the repayment date adjusted to your upcoming payday. However, deadlines may be different from one state to another, adjustable and customizable. 

Lenders frequently advertise their propositions as the best same day loans to sell them to you. Nevertheless, that “same day” sign does not guarantee you’ll receive the funds exactly on the day of approval. Actual terms will depend on a lender and vary from one company to the other.

Should I Go in for Same Day Loans Near Me?

The only situation for you to think about going in for same day loans online is when they are your very last hope and all other options are already exhausted. When reviewing the opportunities, you should be aware of their advantages and disadvantages. Here below you’ll find two lists: one for benefits, and the other one for cons. Think about all of them carefully.  

Same Day Loans Near Me: Advantages

  • Quick cash transfer on demand: same day loans online will work for you fast enough when, for example, your car needs some repair procedures here and now while you have some budget gap.  
  • Collateral is not needed: these loans are not secured ones. Contrary to title or pawn loans, backing the payday loan up with some valuable property (a car, a computer, jewelry, etc.) is not required
  • Bad credit scores don’t always break a deal: the approval for persons with their credit scores not so perfect is still possible. There are lenders not going if for a credit check procedure. 
  • Optional lending conditions: regarding the laws of the state of your current residence, you may get cash at a storefront or ask for same day loans online.  

Drawbacks of same-day payday loans

  • APRs and fees are high here: Yes, every lender tends to show ads with extremely low loan fees. But if you try to sum daily rates up to think of a yearly one, the interest becomes huge. Actually, a bank credit card or any kind of a personal loan might be more profitable to close that budget gap with less losses. 
  • Debt cycle risk: the use of such same day loans online can potentially get you trapped in a pit of debts. It’s not too easy to solve the trouble of that caliber. According to CFPB, people tend to reborrow such loans every month. This means, more fees apply. At some moment, you’ll understand that the sum you had to pay as fees was far more that the borrowed money. 
  • Not a solution for long distances: the best way for everyone to solve unexpected financial troubles is to take care of their reserve budget. Know that you rely on debts too much without really solving your actual financial troubles in case you perceive borrowing someone else’s money as a regular, routine action. 

Same Day Loans Online – Alternatives

Typing that “same day loans near me” request is not the way without alternatives when the need to borrow some funds quickly appears. Before making a decision about going in for a payday loan, try to compare it with other possibilities listed below. Maybe, one of those will be more suitable to solve your current problems. 

Use the credit card you already have

In case there is an existing credit card you own, it would be a good point to consider when you’re in need. Compared to the interest rated for same day loan propositions, those of credit cards may be more loyal to clients. 

Try a payday alternative loan application

There are federal credit unions offering those and limiting application commissions (not more than 20 dollars). The sum of loan may vary from 200 to 1000 dollars, and the periods available are from 1 to 6 months. 

There is the need for you to have a credit union membership for a month or more to apply for that opportunity. 

A small-dollar personal loan application

How about installments paid monthly during a certain time to cover the unsecured personal loan? The exact term may be different from one lender to another, but the common range is from 2 to 7 years meaning that you’ll have some space to maneuver with payments.

Cash advance

This works for you borrowing funds against the balance available on the credit card. Still, you should keep in mind that a cash advance usually has a risen interest rate and additional processing fee applied to it compared to usual credit card percentages. 

In case turning to credit cards is not your option, there are some applications providing new visions on cash advance channels. 

  • Earnin – it is possible to use this application for getting a paycheck advance till your employer provides you with a next payment. The sum to take is up to 100 dollars. What’s the most interesting is the fact that no interest fee applies – the client is free to choose a tip on their own. Earnin withdraws the debt funds automatically after your bank account receives a paycheck deposit. 
  • Branch – it is pretty similar to Earnin. There is an opportunity to take 5 to 10 percent of the last paycheck as a cash advance. The borrowed money will be taken out of the bank account automatically. No mandatory fees apply for this option, too. The only payment is the possibility of getting instant deposits for 3.99 dollars.   

So, what’s the deal?

Every state has its own laws working for payday loans. Certain states may not allow same day loans online or completely, and other ones apply severe demands on the sums for companies to lend and what to charge for borrowing. So, it would be a good thought to find out more about payday loan laws enforcing in your state, think over alternatives and check available user reviews on a chosen company before taking the same day loan online. 

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